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We are making a difference-one heart at a time.


Every Year approximately 3.5 million men, women and children experience homelessness.  We are proud to announce that #HanesSockDrive will continue their partnership with us and share additional socks and underwear for those in need in DFW.  Thank you, Hanes!

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Thank you, Bombas, for your continued partnership.  Because of your generosity, we've been able to share over 8,000 pairs of socks with individuals experiencing homelessness in DFW.

Volunteer Spotlight

Join us in helping others. 

Just Because, Inc. has wishes too. We wish to bring joy to senior citizens because their families are gone or don’t visit. We wish to decorate an adult daycare that supports our special needs Lovies. We wish to support organizations that take in and care for abandoned animals. We wish to touch the hearts of the homeless and make them feel seen again. And wishes don’t come true without granters. Thank you for your support and for extending kindness … Just Because.

My name is Katrina "Kat" Ward. I am the wife of an amazing man, Rusty, and the mommy to a truly wonderful (almost) 3 year old, Vivian #theVivinator, and 3 precious kitty cats, Greyson, Mo and KitKat Stinkyfeet. I have held several other titles in my lifetime:  Babysitter, Student, Recruiter, HR Manager, Coach, Big Sis, and Skin Care Consultant are a few. I have now recently added Small Business Owner to the list.  But one of the titles that I am most proud of is Volunteer.


Why I choose Just-Because:

It does not hurt that the founder of Just-Because is one of my greatest friends and previous Co-Heart.  However, that is not the sole reason for choosing to spend my time and resources with them. I believe in the mission of Just-Because, and I believe that giving to others is truly the best thing you can do in life.  As JB mentions in their bio about how the non-profit was founded on a hot day with a request for a cooler, my heart aches with each face I see struggling.  I very easily could have found myself there, seriously struggling. In fact, I think a lot us of can pinpoint a time in our lives in which a wrong turn could have resulted in very different, very challenging results. Just-Because is not simply a non-profit for people in need for food, money, or resources, although a large portion is designated for that. In fact, sometimes the recipients have no idea they are on the list to be blessed. Everyone struggles for different reasons, at different times, and Just-Because is often there to give a blessing...just because.

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